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Install With or Without Grout

  • Warm - DuraCeramic is significantly warmer than ceramic and other natural stones.
  • Quiet - DuraCeramic's overall construction absorbs sound & creates peaceful atmosphere.
  • Durable - DuraCeramic is made from limestone and is a composite material that resists chipping and cracking. It is extremely durable and quite easy to maintain.
  • Versatile - Can be installed above, on or below grade over concrete or suspended floors.
  • Several installation choices - Select DuraCeramic with grout for the look of traditional ceramic and stone or without grout for an upscale visual.
  • Installation is fast & easy - So easy, so fast you will be amazed. With less down time, which means it is as good as done.
  • Size - 16" x 16" Tile Size. Want a 14" tile? Check out Ovations!
  • Warranty - Lifelong Limited Warranty against fade, stain and wear.
  • ScotchGuard - Dirt and stains wipe right up, protecting your floor from everyday wear, sticky spills and oily stuff. Scotchgard eliminates the need for chemical cleaners or polishes - simply wipe or damp mop with water to clean.

DuraCeramic -  High Performance Tile

DuraCeramic High Performance Floor Tile gives you the look of a ceramic tile floor but with the ease of maintenance and carefree qualities of a resilient floor. DuraCeramic is warmer to the touch, more comfortable underfoot, faster and easier to install than traditional ceramic tile.

Colors & Patterns of DuraCeramic

DuraCeramic Warmth Test

DuraCeramic is significantly warmer than ceramic and other natural stones. You can notice that the image on the left (ceramic tile) shows a large heat loss to the feet. Ceramic tile will feel colder. However, if you have in-floor heat then it would be warmer but that also adds to the cost. With DuraCeramic (right) you will notice less heat loss, naturally, thus your heat stays with you when and where you need it.
Warmer to Step on
DuraCeramic Drop Test

DuraCeramic Flooring
Choose with/without grout lines.
Limestone Composite Base

Lifelong Warranty
Fade, Stain & Wear


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Drop & Impact Test

This test shows a impact of a Glass & a 19 ounce can dropped from 6 feet. DuraCeramic handled the test with little detectable damage, Ordinary ceramic suffered permanent damage for both the floor and the glass. Glass can still break so be careful, but it is much better.

Great choice for many lifestyles

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